Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a professional pet sitter?

Your pets stay at home where they are most comfortable. Eating their own food from their own dishes, sleeping in their own beds, following their own routines. No stress of traveling to a strange place, with strange “neighbors”, odd routines, different food, funny smells. No stress for you of getting your pets to the facility and picking them up after you return from your trip. No worrying if you remembered to close the garage door, turn off the coffee pot or blow out the candles. When you use a professional pet sitter you are hiring a responsible insured company whose business is to care you’re your pets and home. No imposing on neighbors or friends to “stop by and feed the dog and pick up the mail.” Your home maintains that “lived in” appearance and your pets are given loving care.

Why use The Animal Pro LLC?

Using me as your professional pet sitter, gives your animals the added benefit of over 21 years of professional animal care experience, in addition to over 30 years as a pet and horse owner. In my years as a Zookeeper I have cared for 100s of species from invertebrates, fish, birds, reptiles and mammals and even plants.

Millipedes, tarantulas, endangered fish, hummingbirds, softbills, parrots, eagles, frogs, toads, lizards, snakes including rattlesnakes, alligators, mice to javalina, marsupials, primates, big & small cats, all kinds of hoofstock (Shetland ponies to Giraffe), elephants, rhinos. I worked at the zoo hospital and am experienced in nursing care of many species. I also trained staff and volunteers in general husbandry, exhibit design, diets and feeding, behavior, environmental enrichment, safe handling, capture and restraint & training techniques.

As The Animal Pro, my fulltime job is to give your animals optimum care, physically and emotionally, that they deserve. I am certified in pet CPR, experienced with the birth of many species, incubation and hatching of avians and reptiles, and hand rearing of many species, dogs and cats to tigers, eagles, goats and giraffe. My husband Dave, also a former zoo keeper, is my back up, along with 2 local pet sitters that I have known for over 10 years. This way in the event of emergencies, my clients will be cared for by a professional.

Remember, when looking for any care giver, do your due diligence. Meet them in person, make sure you and your animals are comfortable with them. Make sure they have current insurance and/or bonding. Make sure that they know how to care for and handle your animals.