"Tawny was the best connection we ever made, many years ago. She changed our lives… No more wrangling with pet carriers and boarding house visits. Our kids love when she comes more than they like living with boring-old-us, I know! She’s incredibly knowledgeable, fun, responsible, and helpful. Not to mention flexible, putting up with our last-minute requests so often. She truly is an Animal Pro!"

"Tawny has been taking care of our (now five) cats during our absences for about six years. We’re comfortable leaving because of her good judgment and outstanding care. Besides taking care of the cats, she monitored various issues with the house, including air conditioning oddities and a window problem. We feel fortunate to have Tawny’s help. Thanks, Aunt Tawny."

"I just had my first “Pet Vacation” with Tawny. I was happy and very impressed when we first met to get acquainted and discuss all the details. I left with an easy heart and found two unstressed and relaxed cats upon my return. I have encountered many pet sitters over the past 50 years in my many moves across this country , all good but none as special as Tawny. I am so grateful to have found you and claim you as mine from now on."


"Tawny has been bringing me peace of mind for over two years now! I have two fully flighted cockatiels that are my sweet baby girls. It was hard to find a sitter that works with exotic pets and when I first met Tawny, I knew she would be a great fit! She has a wealth of experience with a variety of animals and seemed very comfortable with my birds. She seems to be truly passionate about animals and I love her enthusiasm! I know my girls and the house are well taken care of when we are away. Tawny is a true professional and I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone to take care of their pets!"

"I have been able to travel stress-free, and with piece of mind, all because I hired Tawny! My pets are my family. I had an elderly dog that Tawny took wonderful care of. I was relieved to know that Tawny was there with her professional and gentle care! I could not have asked for a better caretaker/pet-sitter. Moving forward, I have a kitten along with my adult cat. This kitten was terrified of strangers, but quickly got comfortable with Tawny, and plays and eats well while I am away. My adult cat loves to play and interact with Tawny. I am, again, relieved to know my babies are in the best care when Tawny watches them. Thank you Tawny, you are the absolute answer to my prayers!"


"Thank you very much for taking care of Penny. We are so glad that we don't have to worry about her when she is with you. Your home will definitely be her second home in the valley. Thanks for the picture, too. She so adorable - of course, I am biased."


"Tawny, thank you for taking such great care of our “girls”

"Tawny and Dave, I am so happy and relieved we found you. Your situation is perfect for Waylon to get to be a "real dog". B. agreed and thought Waylon would greatly benefit from his time with you. Now Waylon can have a version of Disneyland for himself and we can relax and enjoy our version. We are looking forward to seeing you in August. Call if you need anything more."


"Tawny, we appreciate the wonderful care you provide our “girls”


“I travel a lot for work and have always hated boarding my dog. Then I met Tawny and Dave through a friends' referral. The combination of their huge yard, genuine affection and attentive care is something my dog absolutely loves. Now I actually look forward to leaving town because I know how much fun she has! I highly recommend these terrific people to anyone who loves their dog like a family member. I know “Jessie ” is in good hands!"


“ I have two very spoiled dogs - Daisy (age 11) and Cleo (age 3). Tawny has been taking care of my girls for nearly four years. The bottom line is - the girls love her and can't wait until she comes. She visits them every day and some weekends when I am working. They know that she is there to take care of them. She has taught Cleo to hop backwards and Daisy can't have a cookie until she does a trick. I feel very lucky to have found Tawny and have recommend her to friends that need a dog sitter. She is the BEST!”


"If Tawny is caring for our animals, we don't hesitate to leave.. And we have a good time, knowing our "kids" will be content and well-cared for while we are away."

"My wife and I have been relying on Tawny to watch after our two cats and one dog for years, and we couldn't be happier. She’s been absolutely reliable and is like one of the family to our pets.

"We had to travel unexpectedly due to a family emergency and up until that time had always taken our dog Candy with us. When we returned, it was perfectly clear when reading the daily updates she wrote about each visit that she had taken the time to get to know Candy very well, without any detailed information from us.

During one winter visit, she noticed a water leak from a frozen solar water heater pipe that could have caused a tremendous amount of damage. But Tawny diagnosed the problem and turned off the water main at the meter (after attempting to do so at the defective house main and water heater valves). We simply don’t worry about our house or pets when we leave town any longer."